There’s A Cheap Way to Play 3DS Games With a GameCube Controller

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No more broken 3DS circle pads from intense Super Smash Bros fights thanks to a mod by DekuNukem.

A modder named DekuNukem has posted instructions for how to mess with hardware to create a method for using a GameCube controller with a 3DS for people who are dissatisfied with using the 3DS controls for games like Super Smash Bros.

Those interested will have to be comfortable with the source code DekuNukem provides. The materials needed to make the adaptor, other than the 3DS and the GameCube controller, are $9 to $12 at DekuNukem’s estimated total cost. The instructions are available here, and DekuNukem notes that more detailed instructions will be available later.

This mod isn’t just for playing Super Smash Bros with the GameCube controller. It works for any 3DS game. DekuNukem will accept a limited number of requests from people who aren’t comfortable modifying their 3DS.

When Super Smash Bros released in Japan, pictures of broken circle pads, popping off from the 3DS, hit the internet as it appeared some people’s handhelds couldn’t take the Smash abuse.

DekuNukem’s previous work includes the Poke-O-Matic, an automatic shiny Pokemon finder for Pokemon X and Y.

This isn’t the first time someone has found a way to make the GameCube controller work with a 3DS. Japanese Twitter user Midoriryu used scotch tape, cables, and modifications to the back side of a 3DS XL to find a way to play Super Smash Bros with a GameCube controller.

Source: DekuNukem via TinyCartridge

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