There’s a Subreddit Dedicated to Luigi Death Stares in Mario Kart 8

Luigi Death Stare 310x

If you cross Luigi, you best be packing a protective green shell or banana peel.

One of the more captivating features of Mario Kart 8, as outlined in our review, is the highlight system, which automagically splices a best- and worst-of reel together of your race upon completion. You can watch highlights at fast and reduced speeds, rewind, and save your favorites on Mario Kart TV. Watching the highlights gives us a closer look at driver’s reactions to race events, from passing or being passed, to exploding when fireballs hit the back of your ride.

And no one’s face in these moments is as frightening as Luigi’s. It’s not even close. It’s so distinctive, in fact, there’s now a dedicated subreddit for captured Luigi moments.

r/LuigiDeathStares is exactly what it sounds like: A hall reserved for Luigi and his seething hatred for all other Mario Kart racers. It even has more readers than the official r/MarioKart subreddit.

Much of his hatred is preserved in GIF form, but there’s plenty of YouTube evidence to share as well. My two favorite gifs so far? L-Unit, and of course the meeting of the rival Luigi’s in a photo finish. There’s some good YouTube content, too, like WaLuigi’s Revenge.

Mario Kart 8 is doing pretty well so far. It’s the fastest-selling Wii U game ever, with 1.2 million copies sold during its first weekend. The more Mario Kart copies there are out in the world, the more dark, bane Luigi we’ll get. Soon there will be no light, no dark…only Luigi.

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