These Fruity Zerg Won’t Make it to Heart of the Swarm


It’s a shame that we’ll probably never see these Zerg in StarCraft II – they look just peachy to me.

Judging by popular sentiment on Blizzard’s forums – and even its official stats, the creepy-crawly Zerg race seems to be a bit underrepresented in StarCraft II these days. And yet, when the dust had settled from the first Global StarCraft II League (GSL) competition, the winner was a bona fide member of the Swarm – a player who went by the name of “Fruit Dealer” (or sometimes “Cool”).

To commemorate Fruit Dealer’s infested rise to the top, Blizzard unveiled concept art for three new Zerg units – the Grapeling, Applelord, and Bananalisk – on the official StarCraft blog. While I suppose that we could always see these three new units make it into StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm, the odds seem sadly against it. Still, you never know: This is the developer who included both Terra-Tron and the Tauren Marine in the game (and map creator) as easter eggs.

I think we can all agree that if the Zerg looked like this, though, they’d have gone extinct long ego for just being too gosh-darned delicious.

(StarCraft II Blog)

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