These Vacation Spots Place You On the Sets of Your Favorite Movies

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Looks like somebody needs to book themselves a trip to Chernobyl ASAP.

Are you a travel aficionado who also happens to be a hardcore movie buff? A former/current locations scout, maybe? How about insanely rich? Well then do we have an offer for you!

If you’ve ever found yourself watching a movie set in an exotic location and saying aloud “I want to go to there,” then consider this your lucky day. The folks over at Morphsuits have compiled a gallery of some of the finest modern movie locations for you to consider for your next vacation, or simply study up on while longingly staring out your office window entrenched in sadness.

Whether it’s drinking rum on the beaches of St. Vincent where Pirates of the Caribbean was shot or roughing it in the North Australian Territories of Crocodile Dundee lore, this gallery is at best a definitive travel guide for moviegoers and at worst a cool way to kill a few minutes while, again, staring out your office window and yearning for the days when you were a free man or woman.

You know the days I’m talking about. I’m talking about the days when you didn’t have any work or familial obligations holding you down, when you could just pack up and go wherever the road took you, flying by the seat of your pants without a worry in the world. Oh, to be in my early 20’s again…

…well, that got weird. Anyways, check out Morphsuits’ gallery in the viewer below, then smash open that piggy bank and book your flight today!

Source: Morphsuits

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