Thief Channels Primal New Video


Robes are always a bad sign.

Thief‘s due next February, but to keep you occupied until then Eidos Montreal wants to remind you that there are worse things in the shadows than Garrett. Men in robes are always bad news, and it’s up to the man who isn’t anyone’s savior to step in and do something noble for a change. Or maybe not. Shiny things are more important than heroics.

This is the reboot that Eidos hopes will overcome fan resistance. “Hopefully 15 years from now,” said Eidos’ Joe Khoury back in October, “people will be talking about what they remember about this Thief, in comparison to the first Thief!” Since then Eidos has been talking more about the things it’s cut – the XP system, quick time events – than what’s in it.

Whether it’ll amaze or disappoint you is something you’ll have to wait till February 25th to find out. This will be a PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One title.

Source: Thief YouTube

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