Thief Gold Comes to GOG


It’s time to rejoice, stealth fans: Thief Gold has come to GOG.

If you’re a Thief fan, you’re not even reading this. You’ve already got GOG loaded up and you’re currently rubbing fistfuls of cash into your monitor. And if you’re not a Thief fan, then you need to sit down and listen while I explain a few facts of life.

Thief Gold is an “enhanced” edition of Thief: The Dark Project, adding a few missions, some new enemies and a bit more polish to the already-amazing original game. It’s mercilessly hardcore; if you don’t play on the highest difficulty level you don’t get to see the entire game, and if you do play on the highest difficult you’ll be forced to follow some pretty strict rules, like not killing people – at all. You will spend hours working through single missions, most of which will be spent thinking about how to get across a room without anyone seeing you. There will also be occasional moments of brain-melting terror, which I would not think of spoiling for you.

Thief Gold, in other words, is brilliant, but it’s the sort of brilliance that will make you suffer.

Thief Gold on GOG includes the classic sneaker, all dressed up to run without a hitch on modern PCs, plus a digital version of the manual and reference card, an HD wallpaper, avatars and a fan-made soundtrack. All that plus some of the most punishing, stress-inducing gameplay you’ll ever run into – simply hearing the words “Return to Cathedral” can make strong men go weak in the knees – is available now at for $9.99.

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