The worst thing a thief can face in a comic book store is something that it’s full of: superheroes.

When a thief entered Comic Centre in Adelaide, Australia on Free Comic Book Day this past Saturday, he didn’t expect to have his dastardly plot foiled by masked heroes. This is exactly what happened to him as he attempted to steal a book valued at $150.

Michael Baulderstone, 45, owns the comic store and was dressed up as Spider-Man for the event. He caught the thief red-handed and attempted to get the book back. To help out, two Jedi Knights and someone dressed as the Flash blocked off the entrance to prevent the thief from leaving.

“The thief didn’t have much of a choice but to hand the book back after a little bit of a scuffle,” Baulderstone told reporters. 40 comic book fans were in the store, and comic fans can be quite protective of what they love, so it obviously wasn’t the best place for a heist. The thief was probably taking Free Comic Book Day too literally, as the occasion doesn’t mean you can just walk into a store and take whatever you want.

It’s likely going to be pretty embarrassing for the thief to explain to his cell-mates how he got caught. “No, seriously, Spider-Man caught me in his webbing! And Jedi Knights used the force to hold the door closed! I had no choice but to give up!” And then he’ll probably get shanked. Don’t steal comics kids.

Source: Telegraph

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