Thieves Score $1.32 Million From Apple’s Paris Store


The Apple store robbers hit their target on New Year’s, while the police had their minds on other things.

An estimated €1 million (about $1.32 million) in boxed merchandise was stolen from Apple’s Paris store, behind the Palais Garnier, during the New Year’s celebrations. The masked thieves, who seemed to be well aware of the situation on the ground, walked past the stock on the shelves and went straight for the boxed merchandise. One man, a janitor, was hurt during the raid, but his injuries are not thought to be serious; another employee, a security guard, escaped without injury.

The armed raiders, four or five men, hit the store just as the janitor was leaving for the night via an employee entrance, at 9 pm. The bandits used the employee entrance to get in. The raid took about forty minutes, after which the thieves took off in a van. The exact amount of the loss was not confirmed by the police, as the store is still trying to sort out what’s missing from its inventory.

Police union representative Christophe Crépin said that the robbers had planned well. “The essential bulk of police forces were mobilized to patrol the Champs-Elysées,” said Crépin, adding that “the thieves clearly profited from the opportunity to make their move.”

Source: Business Insider

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