Strange weather ’round here lately. Lots of little Source videos.

It’s Saxxy time again, the third annual Source video competition where budding comics, Spielbergs and loonies … *ahem* upstanding individuals … get together to compete for the top prize. The one you’re seeing here is Meet The Fem Sniper from RoxyPoxSFM, a fun take on the original. Want more? Better head over to Steam!

All videos have to use Valve IP – or get the original IP holder’s permission – and Source filmmaker, but what happens next is up to them. Will it be comedy? Drama? Action? Every winner gets a Team Fortress 2 Saxxy award, while the overall winner gets a tour of Valve’s offices in Seattle. Last year there was another category, Best Original Universe, but it didn’t get enough entries to be viable in 2012, and it looks as though it’s been dropped from the rotation. Pity!

Last year’s Best Overall short was Story of a Sentry, a melancholy tale of a man and his tiny mechanical killing machine. Maybe it’s just me, but I could do with a bit of comedy right about now; here’s hoping something funny takes the Best Overall slot this year!

Source: Valve

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