This Game of Thrones Tattoo Gallery Makes me Want More Ink


Our friends over at have put together a great gallery of Game of Thrones-inspired tattoos.

I like tattoos. I like Game of Thrones. I love seeing two things that I like together – most people do. It’s why crossovers and fan fiction exist, after all. Our friends over at Defy sister site have put together a Game of Thrones tattoo gallery, covering everything from the God of tits and wine to the Iron Throne itself – and, of course, there’s plenty of Daenerys, to the surprise of probably no one. Below, we’ve included just a taste of what you’ll find – but you’ll need to head on over to Break for the full gallery.

Speaking of seeing two different things we like together, back in April Pornhub released information on how Game of Thrones‘ season premiere impacted the site’s traffic and searches, noting a 4% decrease in visitors during the premiere, with searches for “Game of Thrones” related content peaking at 370%.

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