This Humble Bundle is Double Fine


The Humble Double Fine Bundle offers Psychonauts, Brutal Legend, the Broken Age Kickstarter and more, plus the tastiest promo trailer ever, delivered by Tim Schafer himself.

If you’re a fan of Double Fine Productions or even just suspect that you might be, you’re going to want to put some eyes on the new Humble Bundle. This time around it’s the Humble Double Fine Bundle, and as is right and proper, it leads off with the classic action-adventure game Psychonauts, a coming-of-age tale about a young boy’s fateful trip to summer camp. Also on the menu: the less-famous-but-ever-so-yummy Halloween RPG Costume Quest and Stacking, a fresh and unique adventure in which you stack with other dolls to change your abilities and solve puzzles.

All three games can be had for any price you want to pay – that’s right, if you’ve got a nickel to throw at Tim Schafer, you’ve got three games. But there’s more! Paying more than the average will also net you a copy of Brutal Legend, the heavy metal RTS that recently came out for the PC (and that will set you back 20 bucks if you buy it through less humble channels). And for $35, you can get in on Broken Age, Double Fine’s Kickstarter Project, as a “slacker backer.” Brutal Legend and Psychonauts also come with soundtracks – Psychonauts actually has two!

As usual, you can divvie your green up between the developers – Double Fine in this case – Child’s Play, the Electronic Frontier Foundation and the good Humble Bundle folks who make it all happen. It’s a heck of a deal, and it’s good for you too! And how can you say no to that trailer? You can taste the value!

The Humble Double Fine Bundle is available now and runs until May 21.

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