This Krang Costume Crushes Your Puny Turtle


You wish your nerdy costume was this cool for Halloween.

Let’s be honest about something: Halloween is a holiday that the nerds tend to dominate when it comes to skillfully-made and creative costumes. If there are two things we adore here at The Escapist, it’s skill and creativity. As a result, I’m pleased to present this video of what is quite possibly the best costume of the season: Krang in his robot body from the original Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cartoon.

The video is by Melissa Dunphy, who briefly explained the video with the following: “I made my husband a Krang outfit for Halloween.” Dunphy is a self-described “UPenn Ph.D. student, Shakespearean actor, string player, Chinese-Greek-Australian-American … feminist, pinko, sass mouth” who made the costume for her husband’s office costume contest (spoiler alert: he won). According to Dunphy’s journal, here’s a partial list of what went into the costume’s construction:

? Really cheap sumo outfit from eBay
? Stupid amounts of polyester filler to restuff the sumo outfit and Krang
? Oven tray lid
? Sculpey
? Yoga mat
? Red tshirt
? Three different kinds of foam
? Spray paint
? Hot glue
? Cellophane
? Various small repurposed electronics
? Pink fleece, and of course …
? Duct tape

Other than the fact that the costume looks rather bulky and difficult to walk in, it’s pretty amazing to witness. The animatronic Krang in the middle is undoubtedly the best part, along with the dialogue it spouts straight from the cartoon. Welcome to the Escapist Wall of Costume Fame, Melissa!

Source: Geeks Are Sexy

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