THQ Earns Bundle For Charity


The Humble THQ Bundle is over, with more than 885,000 bundles sold.

885,000+ bundles later, the THQ folks can rest easy knowing that it raised a bundle for charity. In total, over $5 million was raised by people who plunked down a chunk of change for the likes of Company of Heroes, Darksiders and Metro 2033.

Though the average bundler paid just $5.76 for the THQ sale, THQ president Jason Rubin remains the top contributor, with $10,000 paid out. The whole point behind the bundle, in case you don’t already know, is that you give what you like, dividing the cash amongst the charities, or the developer, as you wish. The very top contributors gave away something in the region of $1,000-$1,750, so Rubin went very much above and beyond the call.

Congratulations to all involved! Here’s hoping that THQ, which hasn’t been doing that well of late, gets through its troubles and goes on to better things.

Source: Joystiq

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