THQ Nabs Mystery Fighting Game


THQ is set to reveal a new fighting game from a well-known developer at E3 2010.

THQ core games vice-president Danny Bilson told CVG this weekend that the company is planning to announce that it’s taking on a fighting game made by a “major developer” at E3 2010. There was no talk of who this might actually be, but he made it sound like it’s going to be a big deal.

“The fighting group is actually taking on the management of another game that we’re going to announce at E3 that has a certain amount of melee combat in it but it’s… we’ll announce it at E3,” he said. Let’s try to glean what we can from this. A “certain amount of melee combat” means that it’s got some close-up fighting, but there must be some long-range or another type of action going on as well. The comment could really apply to anything from games like Street Fighter to Dragon Ball Z, but seems to rule out games based on more realistic properties where people don’t shoot fireballs out of their hands.

Bilson went on: “It’s a major developer and you’ll get exactly what I’m talking about when I’m able to talk about it. It’s really cool, it’s another one of the things I’m doing to rebuild everything around the core division of THQ.” Major developer, fighting game, and some melee combat; this is all we seem to currently know about the project.

THQ already has the new series of UFC fighting games and the WWE license in its roster. Are there any other realistic properties someone could be basing a game on? There is boxing, but that has all melee combat, not a “certain amount.” I’m not an expert, but the Mortal Kombat series appears tied up by Warner Bros., Virtua Fighter is Sega’s thing, and Dragon Ball Z is distributed by Namco Bandai. These are the only games I can think of. What major developers with popular fighting games are out there that THQ could have snatched up? Could Shaq-Fu be on the rise to success yet again? Let’s hope so, with all of our hearts.

Source: CVG

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