TimeGate Studios to use Emergent Elements Suite


TimeGate Studios is using the Emergent Elements suite to develop a new MMO.

TimeGate Studios, creators of Axis and Allies, has signed an agreement with Emergent Game Technologies to build a new unannounced MMO with Emergent’s Emergent Elements development suite. Included in the Element package is the popular Gamebryo Element engine, Metrics, Server and Automation Elements. Emergent’s Live Game Services will be used to handle bringing the MMO online.

The CEO of Emergent, Geoffrey Selzer, stated that, “TimeGate is applying a truly revolutionary approach to crafting their next game, and Emergent is providing them with the perfect match of comprehensive tools and services to bring their vision to life.” Aside from their new MMO, TimeGate Studios produced Kohan II with Emergent’s Gamebryo Element platform.

Source: Gamasutra

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