Titanfall 2 Gameplay Teaser, Collector’s Edition Leaked


Looks like EA will be showing a lot of Titanfall 2 at its E3 conference this year.

EA has confirmed that it will be officially revealing Titanfall 2 at its E3 press event this year via this short gameplay teaser:

By short, I mean really short, at just 12 seconds the teaser shows us a mere glimpse of the game. From the looks of things, it looks quite similar, both in terms of graphics and tone, to the original Titanfall.

But while this official reveal is somewhat uneventful, the folks over at NeoGAF have actually dug up leaked collector’s edition information, including images of the two separate editions Titanfall 2 will get. Check them out below:

As well as confirming that the game is indeed coming out on PS4, we can see some of the cool, no doubt incredibly expensive, goodies collector’s can expect.

Are you hyped for Titanfall 2? I thought the first game was mechanically very fun, but simply lacking in content. Hopefully, this can be addressed in the sequel!

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