Titanfall: Behind the Scenes Motion Capture Video

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Watch Mohammad Alavi, a game developer at Respawn Entertainment, get thrown around in a motion capture suit.

This week, Xbox One owners finally got their hands on the robot-wrestling FPS that Microsoft has been bragging about since E3. And even though all of the kinks haven’t been ironed out, Titanfall finally shows off what this new generation of consoles is capable of.

Unless you own a Wii U. Sorry.

Even though Respawn has been working on Titanfall since 2011, very little information managed to find its way onto the internet. However, now that Titanfall is here, we’re finally getting a behind-the-scenes glimpse at the game’s creation.

Mohammad Alavi is one of the game designers that left Infinity Ward to form Respawn Entertainment. He was responsible for some of Call of Duty’s most memorable moments, including the infamous “No Russian” mission. But for the last three years, he’s been neck deep in Titanfall.

Aside from development, Alavi did a little motion capture acting. And, today, he was kind enough to upload some footage to his YouTube channel.

I’m not sure if it’s standard practice for a level designer to throw on a spandex suit and jump around for the motion capture cameras, but Mohammad looks like a pro. In the video, he gets beat up by a robot, jumps from a futuristic helicopter, and is involved in a plane crash.

I wonder if colleges will start requiring some kind of motion capture calisthenics classes in game development programs.

Source: YouTube

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