Titanfall Gets Season Pass, Origin-Exclusive Digital DX Edition

titanfall season pass

The Titanfal season pass will cost $25 and include three DLC packs for a saving of $5.

Respawn Entertainment has been kind of coy about a possible season pass for Titanfall, at first denying it, and then refuting its denial, but still not actually confirming it. Now, the official Titanfall blog has confirmed that the game will indeed have a season pass, that will compile all three of the game’s planned DLC packs at a discount. It also announced an Origin-exclusive “Digital Deluxe” edition that combines the season pass with the main game at a further discount.

Get the Titanfall Season Pass and extend the fight on the Frontier with three new content packs. The Season Pass expands Titanfall by delivering all three planned content packs as soon as they become available at a one-time price of $24.99, a savings of $5

The PC-only Digital Deluxe edition of the game will set you back $79.99 – a further $5 discount on buying the season pass and the game separately. It doesn’t appear to contain any other extras, and if you’ve already pre-ordered the base game on Origin, you can contact Origin support and change your order to the Digital Deluxe edition.

Of course, Respawn stresses that the three planned DLC packs will also be available separately. It also said that purchasing the Season Pass for the Xbox 360 version of the game would not carry over to the Xbox One version, and to make sure you buy the right version.

This does suck a bit for those PC gamers who have already paid in full at an outlet other than Origin, but needless to say the price is still fairly reasonable. Respawn didn’t specifically state what the packs would contains, but additional maps and weapons seem to be the norm for these sorts of games.

Source: Titanfall Blog

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