Titanfall Studio Unveils the Atlas


When you need a workhorse on the battlefield, you need an Atlas.

Nothing beats a specialist when you have a special job to do, but when anything can happen you need a guy who can handle anything. And if you’re a Titan pilot, that means you need an Atlas. The workhorse of the Interstellar Manufacturing Corporation fleet, the Atlas has been there, done that and survived to tell the tale, pulling through fights that would turn other Titans into ruined heaps of scrap.

The Atlas is the “standard” Titan model, the one that appears in the over-the-top Titanfall collector’s edition in the form of an 18-inch (or 19.5-inch, depending on which marketing material you believe) statue as well as a large schematic poster. And as Hammond Robotics is quick to remind us all, “From the first conflicts to the latest deployments, the Atlas stands the test of time.”

So, the speed of the Stryder, the might of the Ogre or the versatility of the Atlas: What’s your weapon of choice?

Titanfall comes out on March 11, 2014 for the Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PC.

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