Tomorrowland Teaser: First Look at Disney’s Science-Utopia


Brad Bird’s top-secret futuristic Disney adventure teases the magic of science

Disney has released the teaser for Brad Bird’s Tomorrowland, the first film to be based on an entire Disneyland/World “region” rather than an individual attraction.

The film’s actual plot has been a closely-guarded secret, originally teased by Bird and writer Damon Lindelof claiming to have discovered a mysterious box of circa-1952 items that suggested some kind of secret collaboration between Walt Disney himself and other scientific-futurists coinciding with the development of Disneyland. Subsequently, film writers like HitFix’s Drew McWeeny have explored rumors and conjecture as to its actual premise to varying (possibly spoiler-filled) results.

According to more recent coverage, the premise is closer to a kid-friendly cousin of Atlas Shrugged (or a “happy” version of BioShock?). The story concerns a bright young girl (Britt Robertson), despondent over the modern world abandoning scientific progress like the space shuttle program, (the film went into production before NASA decided to start again) who is granted a glimpse at a hidden city called “Tomorrowland” where science and futurism continued to flourish. She seeks out a mysterious inventor (George Clooney) who may hold the key to her going there for real. Some have speculated that Walt Disney himself will figure into the film’s backstory in some way.

Whatever the rest of the film is about (i.e. what connects Clooney’s inventory to Tomorrowland, whether Tomorrowland is meant to aid the “real” world or vice-versa, etc) will presumably have to wait until Tomorrowland bows in theaters on December 22nd.

Sources: Walt Disney, Entertainment Weekly


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