Topical Tuesday: The Casual Coup d’état


With the growing amount of people playing casual games, what do you think will be the next “big thing” in the casual games market?

Welcome back to Topical Tuesday! Every week we ask the community a question related to our weekly magazine topic. Our goal is to begin an intelligent discussion based on a topic that’s uniquely relevant to us as gamers and nerds, and the industry we love. Opinions are welcome, but please justify your claim with support – such as quoting information from one of our featured articles – even if that requires a little research before posting. Please use examples to back-up your opinion.

Bejeweled. Plants vs. Zombies. FarmVille. These games have become the hallmark of the casual gaming industry. These games boast big numbers – 32,000,000 people play FarmVille each day and 110 million people have installed it on Facebook. Bejeweled and Peggle were hits and can now be downloaded into other games like World of WarCraft.

These games define the casual gaming world right now, but what about a year from now? Ten years from now? Will a new casual contender come that will usurp the crowns of FarmVille and Peggle, or will they, like World of WarCraft reign supreme? What kind of game could topple FarmVille or Plants vs. Zombies? Does it exist already?

Ladies and gentlemen, to your keyboards!

*This is not a flame war. Please keep discussion civil and refrain from flaming casual games.

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