Total War: Warhammer Finally Gets Official Announcement


“The tide of war seems endless.”

We’ve known it was coming for a long time, but today SEGA has officially revealed their upcoming collaboration with miniatures wargaming juggernaut Games Workshop, Total War: Warhammer, by way of a cinematic trailer. The video shows the involvement of five distinct Warhammer Fantasy forces, including The Empire, Dwarves, Orcs & Goblins, Vampire Counts, and Chaos.

This is just the start. SEGA has stated that Total War: Warhammer is the first of three planned installments, and the games will be further expanded with additional content packs. SEGA claims the full collection will be, “the largest Total War experience ever.”

Talk of the game first surfaced in 2012, when Creative Assembly obtained the Warhammer license. Earlier this year, the title was confirmed by Creative Assembly’s creative director, Mike Simpson, in the pages of The Art of Total War.

The cinematics alone are enough to get any Warhammer fan’s blood pumping. The only question I have is, when are we going to see some Skaven action? I love those furry little bastards.

Source: YouTube

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