TrackingPoint Makes Google Glass App for Shooting Around Corners


Glasshole, redefined.

TrackingPoint is a company known for making smart guns, with sights that can automatically adjust for wind, distance, and other variables before you pull the trigger.

Now that company’s lab is bringing Google Glass into the mix, as it’s developed an app that let’s you see, and shoot, around corners.

Using the same networked, precision guided sight, TrackingPoint has created an app that let’s your $1,500 Google Glass eyewear connect with the firearm. The camera feed from the sight is sent to the Glass display (or an iPhone or iPad, alternatively), allowing the shooter to remain largely covered while firing.

Users still get the full functionality of the networked sight as well, allowing them to tag targets, set range, etc.

It’s no Israeli Corner Shot, but it sacrifices the same degree of cover/blind fire for more advanced tech, and off-the-shelf hardware friendliness.

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