Trade in your 360 for an Elite 360? Maybe


A number of news outlets are reporting that 360 owners may be able to trade in their existing 360 systems toward the purchase of the upcoming 360 Elite.

Gamespot and openly partisan news site Xbox 360 Fanboy are reporting that Gamestop managers have started a new promotion.

According to the latter source in particular, the trade-in value of Microsoft systems has just gone up:

“You trade in a Premium 360 they’ll give you $250 in-store credit, $200 in-store credit for a 360 Core, and $50 for an original Xbox. These trade-in price have increased pretty dramatically, because last week Gamestop was only paying $190 for an Xbox 360 Premium, now upped by $60.”

But both sources also cite some discrepancy as to whether getting these steeper discounts is contingent upon buying the new 360 Elite.

Such a restriction might put a serious dampener on the deal, not least because the largest market for selling more 360s is unlikely to be people who already own 360s.

After all, the Elite 360 may sport a bigger harddrive, but it also comes with a higher price tag, and the only other key addition is HDMI capability.

The most apparent difference is superficial: the Elite version is black, whereas current 360s are of a silver/white finish.

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