Trailer: Dragon Age 2‘s Possessed Hero Unleashed in March


Dragon Age 2 now has an official release date, with a trailer revealing the hero isn’t as regular as you thought.

BioWare has announced that Dragon Age 2 will be released on all platforms on March 8 in North America and on March 11 in Europe. The game’s first trailer, dubbed “Destiny,” gives us our first hint at why Hawke, the game’s previously revealed main character, is so important.

Not only has BioWare called Hawke a “legendary figure in the history of Thedas,” he’s been named “the single most important character in the world of Dragon Age.” Dragon Age 2 will change things around from the first title, implanting players into the role of Hawke rather than allowing them to determine their own origin. After seeing this trailer, I’m not upset about that at all.

The trailer starts off innocently enough, with Hawke engaged in a battle with a darkspawn. Weapons clash and faces are punched, just like you’d expect. Then, something happens that you never want to be on the opposite end of: Hawke’s eyes start to glow.

And if you’re ever fighting against an enemy and see him having a flashback in the middle of a fight, you’d better end his life before it’s over, because he’s always going to come out of it with some kind of new power or strength. In Hawke’s case, he’s then able to cast a spell that conjures two giant demon hands to rip his darkspawn enemy in half. It’s just a tease for now, but I’m definitely more interested in seeing what Hawke’s deal is over the 10 years of story BioWare says Dragon Age 2 will cover.

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