Transformers: Energon # 19


Written by Simon Furman
Penciled by Guido Guidi
Inked by Elaine To
Colored by David Cheung

Kicking off Dreamwave’s TRANSFORMERS MONTH with ENERGON #19, this issue is set to hit stores mid-January!

Catch the beginning of the new Energon era because this issue is the new start after the end of Armada in Issue #18. Be sure also to check out www.Dreamwaveprod.com to celebrate TRANSFORMERS MONTH with tons of TF features, contests and giveaways!

Now feast your eyes on these new color preview pages…

Previews Synopsis:

That’s right… ENERGON! Ten years on, UNICRON is back and hungry… for Energon! Earth’s right back in the firing line as the great devourer strikes a deal with current DECEPTICON commander, SKORPONOK! What about MEGATRON? Well, trapped within UNICRON as a disembodied Spark, his only hope is his former adversary… OPTIMUS PRIME!

From Simon Furman and Guido Guidi!

FC 32pp $2.95 Monthly

*Note: This issue ships with 2 covers in equal ratio featuring art by Guido Guidi & Pat Lee!

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