Tremble in Fear at the “100 Greatest Movie Threats of All Time”


Next time you want to threaten somebody, why think of something new? Just use one of these bad boys.

Movie scriptwriters have it tough sometimes. Most movies involve conflict of some sort, and said conflict will invariably devolve into threats at least once. When that happens, you can’t just fall back on a lame “I’ll kick your ass, punk,” nosiree – you need to be creative. You want your threats to stand out amongst the crowd!

Following up on his previous compilations like “The 100 Greatest Movie Insults of All Time” and “The ‘Other’ 100 Best Movie Quotes of All Time,” film buff and editor Harry Hanrahan has collected a century of the most creative, profanity-ridden, and downright intimidating threats in film history.

The language is most definitely Not Safe For Work, so if you’re in an office or around small children, you might want to put some headphones in to protect their ears.

In case you’re curious (or want to see more), the folks over at Pajiba have compiled a handy list of all the movies being referenced here. The most-quoted? It’s 2000’s The Way of the Gun with four threats on the list, edging out Casino and Robocop with three apiece.

I think my personal favorite on the list is an early quote from Laughing Policeman: “Whatever you’re reachin’ for better be a sandwich, ’cause you’re gonna have to eat it.” What’s yours?

(Via Pajiba)

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