Tron 3 Lands Director Garth Davis with Jared Leto, Will Not Be a Sequel

Just last month we got a hint that Tron 3 was actually, finally in the works, and now that hint is a full-blown confirmation. Director Garth Davis has officially signed on to direct the third film in the very drawn-out franchise, which Disney has been toying with for over a decade since Tron: Legacy released. Jared Leto will reportedly star in it.

Tron 3 will not be connected to the Jeff Bridges-led first two films but will instead launch a new storyline for the franchise. Jared Leto had been rumored to be attached to the project for a couple of years now up to this point. Jesse Wigutow has written a screenplay for the film, but Disney hasn’t greenlit it yet, meaning this could all blow up into more nothing pretty easily.

Davis is an interesting choice to direct Tron 3. His background is in more thought-provoking drama than tentpole franchises. He directed the critically acclaimed Lion as his debut feature film and then the critically panned Mary Magdalene. It’s possible that with Leto attached the series is going to take on a more cerebral feel, or this could be Davis’ action breakout.

Tron has been a tricky franchise for Disney. The studio believes it has something given the cult status of the original film, which flopped when released but built a following over the proceeding years. Tron: Legacy pulled in a decent box office return and gained a following of its own from a killer soundtrack by Daft Punk, but since then Disney has had bigger, more sure-fire franchises to play with and Tron has sat collecting dust.

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