Tron: Evolution Collector’s Edition Includes Fancy Light Cycle


Have you ever wanted a sweet-looking model of the iconic Tron light cycle? Do you have $130? I think we can reach some sort of deal here.

Fact: The Tron Light Cycle is one of the most iconic methods of transportation in all of nerddom right up there with the Millennium Falcon, KITT, and the Batmobile.

Fact: The December 7 release of Tron: Evolution – the videogame prequel to the long-awaited Tron: Legacy sequel – will likely have old-school nerds saving up cash in anticipation.

Conjecture: Someone should make a collector’s edition of Tron: Evolution that includes a light cycle! It’d sell like crazy!

Wait, my bad – someone already is. Disney Interactive Studios announced today that it would be shipping a collector’s edition of Tron: Evolution to stores alongside the plain vanilla game. Naturally, said collector’s edition will include an awesome-looking model of the light cycle, as well as a special display case (so your light cycle remains in mint condition) that doubles as a storage deck for the actual game.

Unfortunately, it also will carry a price tag of $129.99, which feels a bit steep – even though that is one slick-looking model.

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