Trucker: Parking Simulator Gets Hot New Content Update

The best big-rig parking simulator just got even better.

Do you like trucks? Do you like parking them in difficult situations? Then get ready to grind through 22 forward gears of big rig hotness, because Trucker: Parking Simulator, already the baddest 18-wheel parking simulator on the planet, just added a heavy load of all-new content, and it’s absolutely free.

The original Trucker: Parking Simulator, if you’ve somehow managed to overlook it, includes a 72-level truck-parking career mode, a free-drive sandbox mode, adjustable cameras and a first-person view with rear-view mirrors, plus realistic physics and accurate handling in a 3D-rendered world for that intense, “I’m backing a truck into a parking spot” feeling!

But that’s not all! Today’s free content update adds 24 brand new levels and an amazing new Pick-Up Truck vehicle! Smaller, easier to park at the mall and utterly unable to haul sand-filled oil tanks across the blasted Australian desert, the Pick-Up Truck makes for a completely different yet still challenging digital driving experience – and the new sprint and precision driving levels will test your abilities to the max!

How this game wasn’t drawing big crowds at E3 is beyond me, but don’t worry – we’ve got a trailer! A trailer! Get it? Because it’s a game about semis, see, and we have a video trailer for it. Right? Anyway, the trailer tells the tale: Start the truck! Pull the truck ahead! Back it into a spot! Yeah!

Trucker: Parking Simulator is available now for iOS devices in both free-to-play and paid “Pro” versions. To find out more about the hottest thing in big-rig parking simulations, check out!

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