If you’ve ever wanted to turn your toy space gun into a legitimately dangerous weapon, the internet is here to tell you how.

One of the coolest bits of special edition swag to come along in recent months has to be replica plasma cutter packed in with the Dead Space 2 Collector’s Edition. Although not exactly full size, it’s a pretty accurate rendition of the best gun in the game and even sports four colored LEDs, giving it a modicum of practicality as the world’s nerdiest flashlight.

But an LED isn’t going to do any damage to anything; for that, you’ll need an upgrade. To lasers. Now I don’t know much about lasers but I do know that they come with warning labels and I strongly suspect that this hack, which includes replacing the standard 650nm diodes with “high-power” units, completely disregards those labels and anything else resembling safety or common sense.

But I must concede that the final result is pretty damn awesome. Aside from looking ridiculously cool [and “realistic”], this new-and-improved plasma cutter packs enough punch to pop balloons and light matches with just a brief burst of fire. That’s my kind of toy!

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