If you’re making a sequel to a game that everybody – including you – knows was completely awful, you could do a whole lot worse than making fun of the first game in the trailers.

2007’s Two Worlds was bad. Like, it was pretty darn bad. You know it, I know it, people who haven’t played it know it, and developer Reality Pump and publisher SouthPeak Games certainly know it. Now, if you’re making a sequel to a game that is well-known to be garbage, you have two options: Improve on it dramatically, or just make fun of it.

We can hope that Reality Pump and SouthPeak are doing the former (and early reports indicate that the game certainly isn’t as bad as the original), but the latest batch of trailers is definitely doing the latter.

In the live-action trailers, evil Two Worlds minion Sordahon has quit his position as the right hand of evil overlord Gandohar and moved to Midlothian, Vancouver Virginia. Sorhadon must find a new line of employment and deal with the fact that he had sort-of-starred in a game that by all accounts was significantly less than stellar.

Honestly? The two videos, which have been released by our colleagues over at Destructoid, are pretty darn funny. The first one in particular has some scathing jabs at the game and its (entirely deserved) critical reception.

It’s clear that the developer and publisher are aware of what was bad about Two Worlds. Let’s hope that they can fix it for the sequel instead of just making fun of it.


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