Ubisoft Considering Pirate-Themed Assassin’s Creed IV Spin-Off

ACIV screenshot

The naval battles of Assassin’s Creed IV were so well-received that Ubisoft may consider building a game around them.

In Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag you play as an assassin who is also a pirate. Or maybe a pirate who happens to be an assassin. Or maybe you’re just an assassin. Whatever. One of the game’s most well-received features was naval battles between pirate ships. It was so well-received that Ubisoft has just sent out a survey to fans, asking them to consider the possibility of a non-Assassin’s Creed-branded pirate game.

“In such a game,” asked Ubisoft, “what would be the most important elements among these below?” Fans taking the survey could rate how important features such as a customizable pirate character, ship, and hideout, a deeper economy, and additional activities at sea or on land, would be to the game.

It also asks survey subjects if they would like to “sail and fight with my friends” or “sail and fight with other players,” suggesting that the game could end up becoming some kind of multiplayer pirate-sailing naval combat MMO.

Other questions on the survey include how important having a new “modern day hero” (IE: Desmond) would be for a future installment in the series, and whether or not tablet/smartphone integration is a “must-have” feature for a potential future game.

Did you get the survey? If so, what did you say were the most important things for a future Assassin’s Creed game? I think that Desmond definitely has to go, it was a kind of cool concept in the first game, but he’s long since become irrelevant.

Source: IGN

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