Ubisoft Promotes City of Las Vegas


A recent article in the Las Vegas Review-Journal quoted Mayor Oscar Goodman saying Rainbow Six: Vegas could be “harmful economically,” to which the games publisher and developer responds.

The News Room spoke with an Ubisoft representative today, asking for response and clarification to a number of points raised by statements from Mayor Goodman, and Sheriff Bill Young.

Sheriff Young called it “an unfortunate location.” To which Ubisoft’s official replied that “Las Vegas is a world class location, like New York or Paris.” Though, according to the spokesperson Ubisoft Montreal’s designers don’t take economic impact into account when developing a game or setting.

When asked if the game would harm the city’s tourist trade, the representative disagreed, furthering that the game would serve as good advertisement for Las Vegas.

Ubisoft reiterated that this game was a work of fiction, and should be treated as any other piece of fiction such as a book, or movie. And as a work of fiction, it is distinguishable from reality.

When asked why the Mayor would make such claims, and whether he was merely looking for attention, the spokesperson declined to comment.

The Ubisoft official pointed out, the game is about Rainbow Six saving the city.

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