Ubisoft Unresponsive on Far Cry 2 Bug


Reports have emerged from the Far Cry 2 forums that the PC version suffers from a catastrophic, game-ending bug.

The bug, nicknamed “The Jackal’s Curse” allows you to get to the third loading screen and then crashes the whole machine to the sound of African Drums, and the text

When The Jackal showed up here with containers full of AKs and RPGs – That set off some alarm bells somewhere. This guy really puts the fear in the black-bag crowd. There must be some history there they can’t afford to have walking around…

To make matters worse, the bug leaves your hard drive running but forces you to switch off at the mains. One little slip and bye bye non-contiguous file.

The Jackal’s Curse isn’t the only bug though – there’s also one that crashes you back to desktop randomly, and the 88% bug that locks mission critical doors. A patch to remedy the problems was due to be out by the 11th, but has now disappeared from the scope.

Ubisoft has yet to officially recognize or acknowledge the bug’s existence; the best advice doled out so far amounts to “try re-installing your files”, which is about as much help as asking you if you’ve put the milk out.

GTA IV had a similar bug, but Rockstar kicked that one out almost immediately.

Source: Gamecyte

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