Ubisoft Unveils a Sexy Wii Minigame Compilation for Adults


Is the phrase “sexy Wii minigame compilation” making your brain hurt? Just wait until you’ve seen the trailer.

As a games writer, every so often you come across something that simply defies description – for any number of reasons. It just makes your jaw hang open while the text box on the screen remains blank as words fail you.

This is one of those times.

The trailer you see here is for Ubisoft’s We Dare, an adult-oriented minigame compilation for both the Wii and the PlayStation Move (though judging from the game’s name it seems likely that it started life as a Wii title). To put it simply, it looks like Ubisoft is trying to make the point that minigames don’t have to just be for kids anymore.

I’m going to reiterate: This is not a hoax, and you can stop checking your calendar wondering if April Fools’ is a day early. According to the UK rating site PEGI, this is a real thing.

You may feel second-hand embarrassment at this trailer – that this is a real product that people worked on, and that this is a real commercial that some marketing team came up with. This is also what Ubisoft thinks most male gamers look like, apparently. Also note the homoeroticism – both ways! – thrown in at one of the bonus scenes at the end.

At least they’re using a Wii condom.

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