UK Urged to Tax Violent Games


The father of murdered schoolboy Damilola Taylor is advising the UK Prime Minister to tax all violent videogames in order to reduce knife crime.

Richard Taylor was brought in last month as one of the advisors to Gordon Brown on the subject of knife crime and was said to be “saddened” by those children that bought violent games that had a “negative impact.”

The news comes as Home Secretary Jacqui Smith is rolling out the Government’s new initiative on knife crimes. The Tackling Knives Action Plan will be spending £2 million to combat a worrying increase in armed violence amongst teenagers.

Speaking to the Home Affairs Committee, Taylor said that the games were “too cheap” and taxes on them should be “very high.” He went on to say how youngsters “feel that the law has no control over them. They just feel that they can go on the streets and do whatever they like.”

Games weren’t the only media to be attacked as he also laid into rap music about which he said, “there is a lot of negativity that comes out of this music, especially that which is coming from America.”

While it’s not my place to question the workings of the Government, it does seem that having an emotionally charged parent as an advisor may not present a clear view of the problem.

Source: The Telegraph

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