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Escape The Evil Within’s second story DLC The Consequence with every extra file, audio log, and secret letter scrap using these text tips and solutions.

Kidman’s journey into the mind of a madman is filled with clues to the mysterious agent’s past. Finding every scrap reveals a hidden note, while audio logs and personnel files fill in backstory. Finally, we get some answers concerning the nature of Mobius, what their goals are, and what Kidman’s motives truly are. Learn more about the story and get your hands on some trophies / achievements with the guide below.

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The Consequence – Complete Collectibles Guide

Note: Safe codes are randomized.

Locked puzzle safes always contain one of eight letter scraps. Find them all to unlock an achievement / trophy and reveal a hidden message to Kidman.

Solutions are usually found nearby. Use the flashlight on surfaces to discover hidden red writing near the puzzle safes. The puzzles and solutions are often randomized, so it might take trial-and-error to solve.

Chapter 3: Illusions – Collectible Locations

Letter Scrap #1: The first letter scrap is found after leaving the hospital room. As the area transforms into the dimly lit asylum, turn around and re-enter the starting room to find a puzzle safe on the desk. The solution is on the wall, ahead of the bed.

Audio Tape #1: Return to the asylum hallway and enter the second door on the left from the nurse’s desk. The tape is on the chair inside the cell.

Audio Tape #2: Eventually Kidman will enter Ruvik’s research lab. There are four dissected severed heads with their brains revealed. Look on the desk in the back corner, to the left of the white board.

Letter Scrap #2: Entering the door marked “Dissection” you’ll find stairs leading down into another larger room. Don’t go down yet, instead turn left from the entrance to find a second puzzle safe on the desk. Match the blood stains on the tumblers to open it.

Audio Tape #3: After opening the massive safe doors down below by inputting the correct square sequence, you’ll return to one of the strange Mobius hallways with wires running across the floor. Look on the cart along the right wall to get the next tape.

Letter Scrap #3: At the Police Station, Kidman will enter Sebastian’s larger office and see a vision of the detective’s past. Leave through the door on the right, and you should see an “Exit” pair of doors ahead. Don’t go through yet, instead turn right and enter the first interrogation room on the left. There’s a safe on the shelves. Shine your flashlight through the one-way glass window to get the solution.

Personnel File #1: Continuing through the exit doors, Kidman will return to Sebastian’s office. Look on the smaller table to the right of his desk to grab a file before entering the city proper.

Audio Tape #4: Once Kidman encounters the first enemy in the city, you’ll enter a construction site interior area. Push the worker Haunted off his ledge, then enter the site. After turning left, you should see a white electrical box with the fourth tape.

Personnel File #2: Continuing into an office building with a glowing red neon reception desk, look on the wall to the left of the cubicles entrance. There’ a Mobius file pinned to the wall.

Letter Scrap #4: In the same office area, swivel around the glass half-walls to find a small break area. Next to the microwave, there’s a puzzle safe with glowing panels.

Chapter 4: A Ghost Is Born – Collectible Locations

Audio Tape #5: After dropping out of the airduct and landing in a supply closet, look on the table with the lamp to get this chapter’s first audio tape.

Letter Scrap #5: This one is easy to miss. Leave the supply closet and enter a hallway. Continue around the corner to the right and you’ll have two directions — a short dead-end hallway, and a fallen section of burning rubble ahead. Turn to the dead-end hall and shine your flashlight on it to reveal a secret door. The combination numbers are printed on the walls, pictures and white boards inside.

Audio Tape #6: Another easy one is located at the red chair save point. In the passages, you should spot the black cat running down a hall to the right. Follow it to find the save chair and a end table with the tape.

Letter Scrap #6: Kidman must navigate a dangerous restaurant and rescue Leslie. Once he’s free, he’ll run out of the burning room. Don’t follow him yet, instead use one of the dumbwaiter elevators with a green light to the left of the exit doors. Solve the puzzle safe to get another scrap.

Audio Tape #7: In the grey concrete hallways, Kidman will come across a cart carrying another audio tape. This one is hard to miss. You’ll spot it during normal progress.

Letter Scrap #7: Kidman appears in the horrible sadist chamber that Sebastian wakes up in at the start of the vanilla game. Enter the area behind the meat-covered table to find the puzzle safe. The solution is to the left of the table, there’s a series of crate you’ll need to kick to find the solution printed on the wall.

Personnel File #3: Transported back into the Mobius facility, you’ll find another red chair save point before heading down stairs leading further down. Look on the metal table to the right of the leather-bound chair.

Letter Scrap #8: Returning to the Mental Hospital, Kidman will step out into the central courtyard while it’s raining outside. Turn right and check the alcove next to the entrance doors to find another puzzle safe spattered with blood.

Audio Tape #8: Back inside after leaving the courtyard, enter the room to the right with a missing door. There’s a red lamp illuminating your final collectible.

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