Unearthed Wave Race Cheat Code Insults Your Skills


Even if you don’t like Wave Race, this recently discovered cheat code will be hilarious.

NST developed Wave Race: Blue Storm for the Nintendo GameCube in 2001. Nine years later, a member of NeoGAF has apparently exposed a brand new cheat code for the game. This in itself sounds boring, but the cheat code is not something you’d expect to see in a family-friendly Nintendo published game.

While the secrets we already knew about for Blue Storm include the ability to race on a cute dolphin and a hidden zone, this one changes the announcer to a completely sarcastic jerk. Choose your rider and he says: “You have chosen poorly.” Just before the race he’ll quip: “If you were any good, you’d get a turbo by hitting the gas when the light goes green.”

Throughout a race, the heckling announcer will say: “Is that the best you can do?” He’ll also call you “pathetic” and “weak”, and say that the race is a “waste of time.” Even if you do your best to earn one of the game’s turbo’s, he’ll sarcastically say: “Ooooh, a turbo.”

And when the race is over, he’s still not done insulting you. Upon finishing, he’ll say: “You have betrayed what little trust I put in you.” There’s quite a bit of his hidden audio included in Blue Storm, though NST may have wanted it to stay hidden because it’s entered through the game’s audio settings screen and not the normal password screen.

A month ago when Splinter Cell‘s secret alien seal rescue mission was unveiled, I wondered what other titles had hilarious secrets like this. Little did I know it would be Wave Race. What’s next?

The code can be found here

Source: NeoGAF, via Wired

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