Unity Game Engine Obtains Anime Mascot Named Unity-chan


Unity-chan has an official website and will have 3D assets for use in games.

Unity, the cross-platform game engine used for games from consoles to mobile devices to social games, now has an anime mascot. Unity Technologies Japan revealed Unity-chan in a website for the official mascot along with screenshots of the colorful character.

Designed by ntny, Unity-chan appears to be more wild than demure. Various screenshots show her in high-energy poses, from happy smiles to a kick. Unity is far from the first company to use the popular anime style to breathe life into a mascot character. Earlier this year, Internet Explorer obtained an anime mascot named Inori Aizawa.

Unity Technologies Japan will provide 3D assets of Unity-chan for game developers using Unity to download and use in games. The assets will be released in spring 2014. The company will also display the mascot at its exhibit at the Comic Market 85 event in Tokyo from Dec. 29-31. Unity Technologies Japan will distribute themed goods, and the character’s voice actress will also be present. On sale will be official art of Unity-chan. A blog for Unity-chan will be available soon on the character’s official website.

Unity is already a popular choice as a game engine. Interactive story adventure game Gone Home, puzzle game The Room, and 3D revisit of a classic realMYST have all used the Unity engine. Its inclusion of an anime mascot is unlikely to have significant changes, but the popularity of anime mascots within Japan is unsurprising.

Source:, Unity 3D (Japanese)

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