Unlock Extra Levels, Colors and Modes in Yoshi’s Woolly World

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Unravel the secrets of Yoshi’s Woolly World with the list of extras and unlockables. Get the Boss Rush bonus mode, secret levels, and shiny new Yoshi colors with these tips.

Yoshi’s next solo adventure takes on an all new pattern from the same team that brought us Kirby’s Epic Yarn. Unlike Kirby’s adorable adventure, Yoshi springs into the fuzzy world with all his powers intact. Licking up enemies, laying eggs, and launching to solve puzzles — it all returns, with plenty of collectibles to discover and special secrets to unlock. Get all the details here.

Learn about the Easter eggs and secret stuff of Super Mario Maker with another quick Escapist guide.

Unlockables List

In addition to the extra playable Star levels common in other Mario titles, Yoshi can also change his color or fight bosses in the Boss Hut for extra special metallic color rewards.

Change Colors in the Yoshi Hut

Yoshi Hut appears in Craft Island after collecting all five Yarn Rolls in a single level. Any level will work.

In the Yoshi Hut, you can swap to any currently unlocked Yoshi color. Yoshi’s color is based on which save file you select; green, light-blue or pink.

Red is always available. To unlock other colors, save the different yarns. The other two default colors (Light-Blue and Pink if on the Green file) unlock after completing the main game’s final boss.

Earn Rewards at the Boss Tent

After completing the main game’s final boss, the Boss Tent will appear on Craft Island. Here you can replay 12 boss fights to unlock unique Yoshi colors.

  • Bronze Yoshi: In the Boss Tent; Complete Boss Battles 1-4
  • Silver Yoshi: In the Boss Tent; Complete Boss Battles 5-8
  • Gold Yoshi: In the Boss Tent; Complete Boss Battles 9-12

Use the Yoshi Hut in Craft Island to swap colors.

Unlock Special Star-S Levels

Get every collectible Smiley Flower in a world to unlock that world’s special stage. There are six worlds and six special stages.

After unlocking the six special stages, collect the remaining Smiley Flowers in the bonus levels to get one final challenge — the Star-S stage.

Star-S appears in Craft Island, with areas based on all the preceding level themes. You’ll need to collect all 270 Smiley Flowers to unlock this extra-long level.

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