Fallout TV Series Photos

An eagle-eyed fan has found one of the filming locations for Amazon’s Fallout TV series and shared a few photos that give us an idea of what to expect. The Twitter user, who goes by J Carson, dropped snaps from a set that will eventually become a Red Rocket fuel station, which previously featured quite prominently in the debut trailer for Fallout 4.

Judging by this tiny glimpse, the adaptation will be hewing closely to the retrofuturistic aesthetic of the game series. Across numerous photos, we see the 50s-inspired vehicles and ornamentation that typically dot the post-apocalyptic landscapes. Look closely enough and you’ll also spot the Nuka-Cola logo and advertisements for robots. And, of course, it’s all laden with the rust and grime that comes from a few hundred years of disuse.

More than two years after we first heard that the series was in the works, we still know very little about it. Westworld creators Jonathon Nolan and Lisa Joy are overseeing production, while Captain Marvel writer Geneva Robertson-Dworet and frequent Portlandia writer Graham Wagner are the showrunners. Additionally, Walter Goggins will be the lead actor.

Near the end of last year, Amazon dropped an official photo for the Fallout TV series, indicating that it will feature Vault 33, which hasn’t previously appeared in any of the games. We still don’t know when the series will arrive, but, with production in full swing, it’s possible it could be on our screens before the end of this year.

This sneak peek comes amidst an impressive amount of excitement for HBO’s adaptation of The Last of Us, which is being widely regarded as one of the best live action video game adaptation ever. It raises the bar for expectations, so here’s hoping Fallout can clear it.

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