Unreal Tournament III Free This Weekend On Steam


FPS fans with nothing to do this weekend can download and play Unreal Tournament III Black, which includes the Titan Pack expansion, from Steam free for the next three days.

Pretty simple stuff: Everyone with a Steam account will be able to grab Epic’s 2007 multiplayer FPS and play their faces off at no charge. Come Monday morning, if you had a good time and think it’s worth a few bucks, the game will be available to purchase for $11.99, a 40 percent discount that will run until March 15.

The Titan Pack was released on March 5 for the PC and PlayStation 3 versions of the game and features numerous additions and upgrades, including 16 new maps (among them the five previously-exclusive Xbox 360 maps), two new game modes, a new vehicles, improved AI, support for Steam Achievements and Trophies, and more. The Titan Pack is available as a free download for owners of the original version of the game.

A free weekend of UT3 is a good weekend any way you look at it and the whole package for 12 bucks is nothing to sneeze at either. Hell, you can’t buy a regular-priced copy of Chuzzle for that. Grab it here!

via: Big Download

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