Update: The Escapist Community Musician Rocks a Half-Life 2 Tribute Song

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A musically inclined member of The Escapist‘s community has composed tribute songs in praise of mute Half-Life hero Gordon Freeman and Gears of War redshirt Clay Carmine, and they rock pretty darn hard.

You can say a lot of things about The Escapist‘s community – for one, they have excellent tastes in gaming-culture websites. For another, they’re quite the multi-talented bunch. The song you see (or rather hear) here to the right is called “Gordon Freeman Saved My Life,” and it was composed by none other than The Escapist‘s own MiracleOfSound.

The song tells the story of the occupation of City 17 by the iron-fisted rule of the Combine, and the hero who came along to free it with naught but his wits and a crowbar. It’s also actually a really catchy tune on its own rights – even more so given that it’s the work of just one guy.

It’s a shame that there are so few songs heralding the glory of the true hero of the City 17 rebellion: Lamarr the headcrab. However, for the time being, I suppose we should take what we can get, particularly if they turn out as well as this one did.

Update: Not a day after the first song, here comes a second one. This time, it’s a tribute to Clayton Carmine, the third of the ill-fated Carmine brothers in the Gears of War series – the one whose fate is up for the community to decide.

Called “The Ballad of Clay Carmine” and told from the perspective of one of the COG soldiers, this sophomore album (sort of) may actually be better than the original HL2 song! Don’t you love talented videogame fans?

(The Escapist forums – Thanks, Hubilub!)

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