Update: Valve Teaming up with Adult Swim for… Something


Valve is teaming up with the network behind Robot Chicken and Venture Bros. for an unrevealed Team Fortress 2 project.

Even if you’re not a fan of Valve’s free-to-play Team Fortress 2, you may have enjoyed the various “Meet The Classes” videos that its been producing since the game’s release. They’ve been so popular in fact, that Valve even considered doing a Team Fortress animated movie three years ago, but since then hasn’t made a peep. Now there’s a new twist: an Adult Swim teaser site is announcing some kind of partnership between Valve and the animation company, and the Team Fortress crew populates the background image.

Adult Swim, for those of you who don’t already know, is Warner Bros.’ adult-animation cable television network. The network shares channel space with Cartoon Network, and has aired such hits as Robot Chicken and Venture Bros, shows aimed squarely at the 18-30 geek demographic.

While we won’t have an answer until next week about what exactly is coming down the pipe, this website is Valve’s usual “drumming-up-all-the-excitement-with-no-explanation” marketing style that got people so excited for Portal 2. It could be something simple, like a “Meet The Classes” DVD; it also could be something completely new, like an animated series or the full movie that Robin Walker previously suggested.

Regardless, the companies are promising an answer sometime next week. Let the rampant speculation begin!

Source: Adult Swim

Update: With today’s release of Meet the Pyro, Adult Swim finally revealed that their partnership with Valve has produced…. a hat. That’s it folks. A Robot Chicken hat.

Anyone who signs up for the Adult Swim newsletter by July 4th will get a code to unlock their hat, along with the promise that more Valve content is on the way.

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