UPDATED – Bioshock 2 Rumors Debunked


More details about the upcoming Bioshock 2: Sea of Dreams have surfaced thanks to the upcoming issue of Game Informer, including: two-player co-op, a surprising lack of Big Daddies, and the identity of the protagonist – oh, and Russians.

Game Informer subscription holders have been posting the article details in a thread on the 2K Games forum – and predictably, the news is being met with equal parts suspicion and dismay that Bioshock 2 will not be exactly the same as Bioshock.

Of course, to be fair, some of the changes are pretty massive. Here’s what we know thus far, if the reports are to be believed: Sea of Dreams takes place seven years after the end of the first game, putting players in the shoes of private investigator Jack Abbott. When Abbott’s daughter is snatched from his New York beach house by the Big Sister – the game’s primary antagonist – Abbott gives chase, getting his boat wrecked and finding himself in Rapture.

Abbott won’t be the only person in Rapture this time around, either – according to the article, the underwater city has been discovered by none other than the Soviets, who hope to use Plasmid technology to gain an edge over the Americans in the Cold War. Abbott will also encounter genetically spliced animals – a mutated rhinoceros in the Rapture zoo as well as an underwater boss fight against a giant squid.

Perhaps most perplexing is the apparent disappearance of the first game’s iconic Big Daddies. If reports are to be believed, there’s only one Big Sister in the entire game, which would leave the shattered city of Rapture rather Mr-and-Mrs. Bubbles-less. Of course, this doesn’t mean 2K couldn’t be keeping a surprise reveal up their sleeves…

We’ll know for sure whether these reports are accurate (and considering they seem to be verified by multiple sources, that’s probably the case) shortly once we get our hands on the issue of Game Informer in question.

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UPDATE: 2K community manager Elizabeth has debunked said rumors in a post on the forums. Guess we’ll learn all about Sea of Dreams for real when the actual issue hits shelves. One can’t help but wonder if the multiple-source reporting was a case of a coordinated hoax, or just the spread of memetic information across the gamersphere?

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