Use Napalm Spells to Kill with Style in Magicka: Vietnam


The jokesters at Arrowhead Studios have made good on what seemed like a throwaway joke with DLC set in Vietnam.

When I saw Johan Pilestedt and Emil Englund from Arrowhead at a press event in NYC, the goofy pair joked that they were going to make a game set in Vietnam to lampoon all of the shooters set there much the same way that the original Magicka parodied fantasy and sci-fi tropes. Little did I know that they would actually do it. Magicka: Vietnam is available now as DLC for only $5 from all major digital distribution outlets. The game features a new magick called Napalm Strike that can be used with the dynamic casting system of the original.

All you need to do is read the PR copy to tell that this game is meant to be taken about as seriously as Geraldo in Libya:

Answer the call of duty to take up arms against the Goblin-Cong, trudging through a napalm-scorched battlefield with a bad company of up to four wizard GIs, and earn new medals of honor and achievements as you eliminate scores of enemies with not-so-wizardly machine guns and a new napalm Magick, liberate prisoners from POW camps, and escape to a Huey before it gets shot down by a pistol-all of this, of course, in your stylish robe fatigues and hood-friendly helmet.

Hopefully, the online co-op system has had all of its bugs ironed out so that you can experience the fun of playing Magicka: Vietnam with a friend. Because, if you can’t trust your fellow fatigue-robed wizard when you’re surrounded by Goblin-Cong, who can you trust?

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