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The world of Fallout 4 is huge, and it’s filled with quests to do. Outside of the main story quests, there are numerous side quests, and even quests that pop up from the Minutemen as well. You probably won’t do every one of them (unless you’re me), but you should definitely make sure and find these eight quests, as they’re some of the best the game has to offer.

NOTE: There may be some mild spoilers here, but we’ll try to avoid anything major.

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The Secret Of Cabot House

The world of Fallout 4 is filled with people scraping out an existence in harsh, unforgiving conditions – and then there’s Cabot House. The inhabitants live in luxury, in a home that the war apparently decided to give a pass to. That’s weird enough, but when Jack Cabot asks you to find a mysterious serum, things start to get even stranger. We won’t spoil the outcome, but suffice to say that you may have more in common with the Cabot family than you realize at first.


The Lost Patrol

While you’re wandering outside Boston, you may pick up a strange distress call. If you investigate, you’ll run into a whole bunch of Super Mutants that need dealing with. Once you’ve done that, you’ll find that the signal is coming from a dead Brotherhood of Steel scribe. Listen to his holotape, and learn how he died. You’ll then be able to track down the other members of his squad, all of whom have met their end in various ways. The final step will be to confront the lone survivor – the Paladin that’s gone quite mad and locked himself inside a bunker. How you decide to deal with him is completely up to you.


Curtain Call

Although you’ll probably get the Curtain Call mission pretty early in the game, I’d recommend that you wait a bit before you take it on. The distress call will lead you to the Trinity Tower, and that whole skyscraper is full of Super Mutants. Once you fight through the whole place, you’ll find Rex Goodman, a man who showed up trying to make friends with the mutants only to end up locked in a jail cell. Yeah, you save him, but the best part is that you’ll meet Strong, a Super Mutant who’s not hostile. Even better, he can actually become your companion.


Human Error

If you’ve spent any time wandering the world of Fallout 4, you know that one constant is the pervasive fear of The Institute and their Synths. If you want to see just how far the paranoia has gone, head over to the town of Covenant, located west of Taffington Boathouse. They’ve put in a test to detect synths, and that’s just the beginning. After some investigation, you’ll find that the whole town is set up to experiment on people and try to detect Synths. How you deal with that; well, it’s up to you.


Show No Mercy

This quest only comes up after you join the Brotherhood of Steel, so if you aren’t doing that, you’ll have to give it a pass, and that’s a shame. After all, it’s the first time in Fallout that you not only get up close and personal with members of the Brotherhood, you actually get to hop in a Vertibird, fly into Super Mutant-held territory, and blow the hell out of them. From manning the minigun to charging in against the Super Mutants, it’s a gun-happy great time.


The Glowing Sea

When you get the quest to head to The Glowing Sea, it doesn’t sound all that inviting. It’s basically the worst possible version of the Wasteland: covered in lethal amounts of radiation. Fallout clouds are everywhere, there are radiation storms constantly in the sky, and the mutants there are some of the most powerful you’ll run up against. ALl that said, you still need to go there; not so much because the quest is super compelling, but because the setting is. The Glowing Sea is dark and deadly, and yet it seems like this might be what we’ve always expected the Wasteland to be.


The Silver Shroud

If you’ve ever wanted to be a crime-fighting superhero, this might be the quest for you. After talking to Kent in the Memory Den in Goodneighbor, you’ll hunt down the last remaining Silver Shroud costume and take out some criminals while wearing it. The “Shroud voice” your character uses is even worse than you imagine it will be, but at least things are getting better in Goodneighbor, right? Well, they are until the local crime boss snatches up Kent and calls you out for the damage you’re doing to his empire. This one can turn out bad in a number of ways, so I’ll leave you to discover how it ends.


Last Voyage Of The USS Constitution

This is one of my favorite quests. The USS Constitution is a Boston landmark, and in Fallout 4, it’s been commandeered by a bunch of pre-war robots that want to fly the ship into the air and then back in the ocean. Meanwhile, there are plenty of people trying to get at the goodies on board the ship, but the robots are using the cannons to hold them at bay. You’ll be able to choose which side you want to help, but for my money, you can’t miss out on how the quest turns out if you aid the robots in their insane quest to take flight.

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