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    1. The worst thing about this video is that I keep having to see Scarlett Johansson

    2. I remember an interview I saw with Quentin Tarantino a couple of years back, which was when he had only made his debut picture Reservoir Dogs, and he talked about the process of making it. He admitted to being quite nervous since there was a whole bunch of stuff that he had no idea how to do, to which someone in the crew responding by saying that “you hire the people who know that stuff to do it.”

      Which makes sense to me, the realities of filming means that nobody can know everything and delegation of responsibilities is key.

      1. Maxim 63: The brass knows how to do it by knowing who can do it. (from )

        And yeah, it remains entirely true. All writers, directors and producers have their strengths and weaknesses, and thus other people are brought on who can shore up those weaknesses. Now, that doesn’t mean that the person at the top doesn’t have a huge impact on even the things they don’t know how to do, they just need to be good about asking for exactly what they want or need done on the work, and letting the underling figure out the how…

    3. Just look at the end credits on movies these days.

    4. Actually, the main thing I took away from this is that Marvel was more concerned with moving Black Widow’s character forward rather than worrying too much about the stunts and action. How often do you hear of any studio execs actually concerned with that?

    5. So, the only real controversy here is: Disney and Marvel phrased it wrong when they were in talks with a would-be director for Black Widow when it came to discussing action sequences?

    6. I really wish the Ghost in the Shell movie was better because visually it was beautiful and the entire cast turned in a good performance. If only the script was tweaked and a different cinematographer was used than I think it would have been brilliant.

      1. Problem is, it was never going to be better than the now iconic and classic animated version and thus would only ever be thought of as an inferior version.

    7. Nice to see Bob’s grown up a bit about the “all directors are auteur” concept. I recall him taking it very seriously in the original run of this show.

    8. Well I found it interesting.

    9. Great vid. The controversy is a non-starter for me. It’s pretty obvious that Marvel was trying to reassure a director with no prior action experience who might still have a cool take on the protagonist. It’s like Lucas telling Kirshner he doesn’t need to be an effects expert,before Empire. They kinda have to take that stance since the pool of femme action directors isn’t as oceanic as it should be.

    10. If you go to YouTube there’s a channel called CrashCourse and … it’s just easier to link to the playlist.

      The first part is history, then production, then criticism. All the stuff to satisfy your basic curiosity about film making.

    11. …now I’m morbidly curious to visit the alternate dimension where Tarantino directed Green Lantern.

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