It may not be news when a recent game gets an expansion, but when Baldur’s Gate – a game first released in 1998 – gets a new expansion, we sit up and take notice.

First off, this is not an April Fool’s joke – it’s definitely real. Beamdog – the company behind the Enhanced Edition of Baldur’s Gate – created this expansion that bridges the gap between the first and second games in the series. It adds a ton of content, including new locations, new monsters, and new rewards. It also adds a new class – the shaman. You can even play cooperatively with a friend.

You can grab the new expansion for $20, assuming you already own the Baldur’s Gate Enhanced Edition. If you don’t, you can pick that up for just $5 this weekend on Steam.

If you somehow haven’t ever played Baldur’s Gate, this is a great time for you to remedy that ailment. If you need more information on the new expansion, you can check out the official expansion site.

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